The MAXIMUM Hemp Project

Welcome! This is my dream, I’m Alberto, the MAXIMUM Project founder. Help me to realize it in the Sibillini Mountains National Park, in Marche a wonderful region of Central Italy.

Fiastra Lake in the Sibillini Mountains - photo

What is MAXIMUM?

MAXIMUM is a newly created and new farming generation company.
Resilience is the basis of the MAXIMUM Project constitution. Compared to the changes taking place, whether climatic or economic, it corresponds to the awareness and to the readiness of effective actions to face the future without suffering the negative aspects.
MAXIMUM is working in the Italian agricultural sector with the aim of creating and producing excellent food. Living transition time. Respect for nature and people. 100% organic crops that improve human nutrition.
MAXIMUM is not an industry. I and my team are creating a local network of farms and small producers, where the quality is better than quantity. The goal is to grow up together, not alone.

All MAXIMUM fields are natural, just organic soil, sun, mountain natural water and good air. No chemical.


On August 8, 2016, we began to use more from nature than our planet can renew in the whole year. This date comes early every year since 1970, we need to change this trend. I believe in humans, each of us can pledge for the planet, lower our household energy consumption, reduce our paper waste, use renewable energy and more. How we meet one of our most basic need–food–is a powerful way to influence sustainability. The MAXIMUM Project and X-LAB can contribute to a better ecological footprint.


The mission is to innovate agriculture in respect of our Planet and People living on it. Agriculture is essential for food and we are what we eat. I want to produce true natural food that everyone can eat. I want to give my little contribution to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere. X-LAB wants to be one of the many small projects that will change the way to produce food, a pilot project for sustainable agriculture.

Please help my project to grow strong, help us to build the X-LAB in the Sibillini Mountains.

The location makes the difference!

X-LAB will be located in Colpodalla, a small locality of Fiastra, around 700 m.a.s.l. in a totally classified mountainous area. It is based in a particular, peculiar natural and environmental quality district, into a knot of considerable charm and attractive landscaping, in a place of natural and marked tourist trails around Lake Fiastra and in the Sibillini National Park. The company structure is therefore central to many famous and important tourist centers of Pievebovigliana, Acquacanina, Bolognola, Sarnano, Visso, Ussita, Camerino, Caldarola and not far away there is also the area of Norcia and Cascia. The main access roads are particularly easy. You will find the Maximum Farm Company at the exit ‘Camerino’ of the freeway Civitanova Marche-Foligno. From the wildlife oasis of Polverina you will get to Fiastra through a smooth and extremely scenic road. Throughout the year you can enjoy a good climate, far from the chaos and noises and also have the opportunity of walking and hiking in the countryside and in the typical environment of the Sibillini Mountains National Park. Majestic Chestnut, Beech, and even luxurious Macchia Mediterranea are the setting of paths and trails suitable for all ages, by bicycle and on horseback. There are also old streets, recently well cared by the National Park Entity, that connect the characteristic mountain villages. The city of Fiastra is especially known for the crystal clear waters of its Lake.

What is X-LAB?

X-LAB is a new rural lab concept. A structure totally off-grid, a place ofproductionresearch and environment protection. X-LAB will be powered by solar and wind energy, it will be equipped with a rainwater collection system and will be built withinnovative and sustainable materials.

The building is divided into two main elements: the greenhouse for the selected crops and research, the laboratory for the transformation of the raw material from my local fields. The structure is removable and transportable, no excavations, no ground change, zero net land degradation and… obviously X-LAB is made of Hemp.
X-LAB will be an open laboratory and shared with the network of local small farms too. Its place is located at the slopes of Fiastra Lake, in the heart of central Italy, where sun, water and good air create a unique microclimate.

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